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Usually when you create a VPS on your virtualization platform you give it a public IPv4 address but with RIPE, ARIN and other NCCs running out datacenters are shooting up their prices and we need to find another way. IPv4 NAT ports.

Colocating your first server can be a scary process and one that can seem cheap (it can be cheap!) but one that can get expensive unless you're careful and know all the details of what you're buying into.

Following up on the article I posted, I have started work on getting OS X Yosemite to boot on QEMU. I also have tested all video cards supplied with QEMU on OS X and have interesting notes.

Virtualizing OS X is a thing that can today be done very easily, with VMware and VirtualBox fully supporting it under OS X hosts. But what about virtualizing it using a bare metal hypervisor and QEMU? Under Linux? Finally I've got Mavericks fully working under QEMU (with no extra kexts(!)) and it wasn't easy.

Monitoring the traffic usage (bytes received/transmitted) of Xen VMs can be tricky, there are very few management scripts and panels available for you. Here is a tutorial to get you started with monitoring, alerting and null routing abusive Xen guests.

I attended Rewired State's National Hack The Government from 8th to 9th March 2014. The vibe was awesome and there were lots of other great hackers there, finding vulns in * sites for example! My contribution included a system of detecting MPs faces (on ID cards) using a photoresistor I had in my bag.

Twitter archives are very interesting things, they provide (in my opinion) a much easier way to look through your tweets than using twitter search. Twitter provides your tweets in an easy-to-use JSON format (even with an index JSON file to tell is which files are which (sorted by year + month)), not only this but twitter provides a fucking ton of metadata.

This is the first time I've ever coded in Go, I'll be replicating the custom blog system that powers this blog in Go using markdown files as blog posts. This post is designed to be a walkthrough and introduction to the Go language (on OS X).

After attending a hackathon, I've since been blacklisted by Uber. My original account has been banned (I can't login), and it seems that any attempt to sign up with my name, albeit with a new debit card gets the account immediately banned. This is how I got blacklisted from ever hailing a cab with Uber again.

From Friday 4th October 2013 until Sunday 6th October 2013, I attended [hack4good][1]. Hack4good is a global hackathon run by Geeklist and operating in 20 countries worldwide, it attracted around 1000 attendees who got together to hack together a product to make the world better. Charities were able to suggest their own challenges which you could help build with them or, as I did, you could think up your own and hack it together over the weekend.